Dude Totally Punched A Horse

This site does not in any way condone violence or cruelty toward horses. It merely seeks to record examples of the cinematic art of punching horses in the face.

Jan 13


Schwarzenegger v. Horse. Frankly, there’s only going to be one winner there. If you can’t guess who the winner is, just consider: has a horse ever become Governor of California? No (to the best of my knowledge.)

Schwarzenegger brings his famously direct, no-nonsense style to the field of punching horses, delivering a knockout blow with a minimum of fuss and none of the grandstanding seen in the previous clip. There’s no showboating or playing to the fans - but nobody can deny that it’s effective.

Jan 12

Good build up here. For a while, there’s no hint that a horse will even play a role in the scene. Then the horse appears, and it’s fairly clear for some time in advance that the plan is to punch the horse, in the face. A slight deviation on the run-up to the horse-punching detracts from the effect somewhat. Otherwise, a solid effort.

The original, and still the best.